We focus on downtowns that are underperforming their market potential and have low cost real estate assets. We invest in a concentrated, critical mass of properties within these places and commit to a disciplined, master development approach for creating value. Put simply: We buy low; we buy in bulk; and we let data and strategy drive our decisions.

What We Do

Across the U.S. there are thousands of communities with distressed, downtown real estate assets. Many of the factors that contribute to distress are common: disparate ownership, suburbanization, outdated infrastructure, and changes in the space needs of businesses.

The Rivermont team has spent years studying these places, developing models and frameworks to assess the potential value of areas with high levels of distress.

Ultimately, our investment selection criteria is a balance of understanding analytical factors common to all communities and application of distinctive strengths and opportunities that give certain communities a comparative advantage.

Where We Focus

Rivermont’s specializes in downtowns that are smaller than what institutional investors typically access. We have seen tremendous economic opportunity in small towns of 5,000 people and medium-sized cities of more than 200,000 people. We focus on areas where we have identified potential co-investment partners and strong local government leadership.